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About us

MAD Wellness Studios offers an atmosphere of positive spirit and fitness programs designed for success.  If you are searching for a new environment, one different from a traditional gym setting, come join our MAD Wellness Family!  Our private studios and smaller classes provide a level of comfort unmatched by larger fitness facilities.  Our studios offer a variety of strength and cardio classes, high energy cycling classes, nutritional guidance and small group support classes for those living a life in recovery.   We believe in the pursuit of individual health and fitness goals within a supportive community of friends!



“MAD Boot Camp provides me with the small group training environment and personalized, professional guidance I was looking for to help me accelerate my fitness and stamina. As a new member and relatively new to a regular fitness routine, I’ve been very happy with the results so far and I look forward to moving the needle even further.”

Eileen, MAD member 4 years

“Matt is a wonderful coach and trainer. He really takes the time to listen to your goals, create a workout plan to help you reach them, and provides endless support along the way.”

Chris & Maite

“MAD Bootcamps is a total game changer. For years, my wife and I worked out in gyms and on home equipment with mixed results. We were never really happy with where we were at. MAD changed all that. We joined 7 years ago, and have been at it ever since. MAD is a place where like minded people workout hard, while having fun, getting results, and making new friends. Small class sizes, the personal attention Matt Sullivan gives to each client, the dynamic, ever changing and customized nature of his work outs, and the all around positive atmosphere he fosters makes MAD second to none. Thanks to MAD, we feel healthy, strong and energetic.”


“I joined MAD Boot Camps seven years ago at the age of 59. I had always been active walking, biking, etc. but quickly discovered that I was not as fit as I thought. Going to Boot Camp twice a week has allowed me to maintain my weight and develop a level of fitness and muscle tone I would not have thought possible. All this can only be attributed to my fellow Boot Campers, the variety of the workouts and of course, our coach Matt. If you are looking to get fit, have fun and challenge yourself, MAD Boot Camps is for you! You and everyone will notice the difference.”


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